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Interior Design Challenge For a Calgary Commercial Services Provider

The Challenge:

To spark inspiration in the Calgary window and door market, a new showroom was required to better serve customers and builders. The space needed to be large enough to showcase a variety of products and options, while encouraging efficient decision making. The goal of the new showroom was to better engage customers through good lighting and by bringing options to life through mini show suites. The space was industrial and large with plain white walls that lacked an imaginative touch. With a tight budget, the design would require creativity and integrate the company’s corporate color: yellow. 


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The Design Solution:

The Solution:

To appeal to the market, unique elements were chosen to showcase the heritage, tradition and transitional quality of Alberta. To break up the industrial white walls of the showroom, one wall was used as a canvas to create an intriguing mural. This accent brought life into the space and was further accentuated by pops of yellow in furniture and paint. To brighten the space, trellises were hung above the products with various lighting options that can be adjusted as product lines change. As customers walk through the showroom, the layout purposefully flows through the many products, styles and samples displayed, ending in a large layout area at the back. This area offers the opportunity for customers to sit and review the product lines and make finish decisions, such as color, as featured on the walls. The design of this space utilized the bones of the industrial room, while breathing life into it by creating a unique and functional showroom.      

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