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Dental at the Met

The Challenge:

The unit has a rear corridor access from the rear and a main entrance at the front. Glazing across the front façade would be used primarily for the reception and waiting area. There was a desire to have 8 operatories, steri and a small lab rounded off with a common doctor’s office and staff room.


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The Design Solution:

The Solution:

A neutral grey palette can be found covering the floors and main cabinetry and white walls throughout. The pops off color are introduced with original abstract art and colorful vinyl. With the layout achieving the 8 requested operatories, a creative solution would have to be introduced for the storage and other required services. Large ceiling heights would allow for tall millwork to create large areas of dead storage only accessible with a ladder on top of the standard shelving units. The ladder has a home tucked into the cabinetry for easy access and handy storage. The staff room is compact with a breakfast counter, small stretch of cabinets and mechanical room area. Lockers are accessible on the way to rear entrance. A great example of a compact space utilizing every square inch available.

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