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Dental & Healthcare Design Services

Could your ordinary dental office be extraordinary?

Are you looking to start an efficient dental practice that reflects your personal style?

Today’s dental office has evolved from a sterile medical location to a comfortable, welcoming environment. We understand how a calming space contributes to a stress-free patient experience.

At the same time, dental spaces demand a high level of detail —

  • electrical,
  • mechanical,
  • plumbing,
  • vacuums,
  • cleaning practices and sterilization,
  • client branded experience
  • durability, and
  • ease of maintenance all need to be taken into consideration.

Your dental office design must adhere to all safety and health codes and still reflect your style and brand.
The sheer number of decisions can be overwhelming. An experienced dental office designer removes that burden by guiding the design process from start to finish.

Our process maps out each step and helps you work through every decision simply and efficiently.
We assist with everything from selection of materials and functional millwork layouts, to tailored furnishings and artwork.

“Great service from start to finish. We felt that everything we wanted was incorporated and the end result is amazing.” – ED, Dental Clinic, Calgary, AB

Is it time to relocate to a new space with more square footage or exposure?

Perhaps you’re ready to freshen up your existing space? Or you simply find that your current workspace is not functional and impedes your day-to-day success?

The benefits to a renovation can be endless. Many times you have familiarity with a current space, however due to a need, you must expand, alter or enhance your environment. A renovation can be an excellent opportunity to re-evaluate how your business functions and what should change to make it better. You could be experiencing growth where you need to bring on additional bodies; you may identify work flow efficiencies or challenges that need a solution to convert additional sales or revenue. We have years of experience with evaluating these work place road blocks and bottlenecks, and with a fresh pair of eyes, we can present design answers to your most challenging obstacles.

 “Jennifer kept us in constant communication – meeting daily with the on the job workers as well as us, the client. She handled any problems calmly and efficiently. All the Decca personnel were professional and friendly. This was by far the easiest most expertly handled renovation we have experienced. “SD, Renovation, Calgary, Alberta


Our Portfolio-Gallery contains a variety of commercial designs that reflect each project’s unique environment, client vision, and budget. Your commercial space will be tailored to your exacting specifications and professional needs.

Exterior design for a commercial building will focus on the outer shell and exterior appearance of your location. An overall vision that drives your project should also be reflected, when the opportunity presents itself, in the design.

The objective is to outline the needs and functions of a building and accommodate all services and future needs within the confines of the exterior walls. This stage also addresses how the building will interact with the site, neighbours and local by-law jurisdictions.

Depending on size and scope of work this can be a collaborative effort with other architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical and site services.

We offer other key services as part of your design package. Our services are tailored and scalable to meet your individual needs from concept to completion.

Which services do you provide?

We are unique in the market in that we offer both custom design and interior design, as well as overall project management. Whether it’s a new home build, a home renovation, or a commercial design, we can manage every stage of the project from conceptualization and planning through design, building, and furnishing.

Our residential and commercial clients expect nothing but the best and work with us for our attention to detail and uncompromising, personalized service.

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