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Will your Dental Clinic Thrive in our “New Normal”?

Find out here.

Let’s cut to the chase and get you some answers.

After all, no one has time or money to waste these days. When your clinic functions efficiently with every motion and interaction of your day, you don’t wasting time and money and you gain productivity. So let’s get your clinic checked out.

  1. Do you have enough storage to manage your daily clinic needs?
  2. Are you finding the cost of laundry services is easy for cash flow?
  3. Is it possible to have a separate door for entry and for exit?
  4. Are patients easily able to distance themselves from one another at your reception desk or in your waiting room?
  5. Is your check-in technology supporting smooth traffic flow?
  6. Are your clients confident that your clinic is clean and safe?
  7. Is your clinic production humming along at a sustainable rate?
  8. Are your clinic soft and hard surfaces holding up under constant sanitizing?

If you answered “Yes” to 0-4 of these questions:

Relax. The good news is we’ve spotted some challenges and you’re in the right place to get help. You’re probably feeling frustrated with the day to day function of your clinic and you want to evolve. Take action and make your life a little easier. Download “5 Strategies to Navigate the ‘New Normal’ and Beyond” so you can make a plan for success.

If you answered “Yes” to 4-8 of these questions:

Good for you! Your clinic is functioning in a healthy way. You have an eye for efficiencies and are always looking for ways to improve. You’re ready to make this “New Normal” your clinic catalyst to more success. Download “5 Strategies to Navigate the ‘New Normal’ and Beyond”  to confirm your next steps.

Efficiency saves money – particularly when it increases your clinic production, decreases PPE costs and increases your patients’ confidence. That’s why dentists who invest in efficient clinics have success: their clinic space elevates their work day in a way that pleases their bottom line. This could be you.


Want more info about how efficient design can help your clinic thrive?

Download our “5 Strategies to Navigate the “New Normal” and Beyond”

You’re not alone, we’re in this with you,

Jennifer, and the Decca team

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